Friday, September 3, 2010


alt Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha,Ducati,Kawasaki,Harley Davidson and more

Contezt frenzied world of modifications have not felt this in 2010. But, of course it does not prevent the modifier to create new works that really deserve to be raced. For example Vario Sartono works from the workshop Diemaz Motor (DM) is. In form and appearance has fulfilled the minimum standards to compete to be the best in the arena contezt.

Why is that? Because the display was attractive, the details do not escape the attention. There's also the innovation that this alteration in the sandwich.

A number of earlier points of attention should be those who wish to participate contezt. "We really want to make decent work fine assessed by the jury," said the owner of Tono's called peek. Oh, well ya may spirits.

That spirit continued into the affairs of the finishing and detail. All the attention and of course also remain pristine. So also in the matter of selection of a number of variations. "Because the main themes low rider, of course variations that sticks should also support the theme," said the young man was still at home unmarried.

For example, the form of handlebars. "Not only that, the shape of the gas grip really match well with the theme of change," point to 24-year bachelorhood as he says if the foot rest on the deck and chrome-plated rearview mirror already

Rear axle deliberately made not too far backward. Only 18 cm. That's clever step to make the display remains in harmony because body shape is still the standard. "If it's too much even became a strange and destructive harmonization," continued citizen Jl. Steel Kingdom, No. 84, Housing II, Tangerang this.

Go peep innovations that have been done. Is to use a key like a car starter. This means that the Honda engine is going to direct skubek roared once the ignition is playing. So, baseball needs to again press the starter.

Used car ignition is a Suzuki Carry. "The reason is because the installation of ignition have easily carry far more than other brands and types of cars. Only consisting of three cables," sure Tono.

Affairs, or the seat bottoms base, remain a concern Tono. Because this sector also worked on no less serious. "Choose the model that impressed plush sofa," he said.

In addition to this form, the model gives this sofa know join other advantages. That is the name of convenience.

"That's because low rider changes like this make sit to feel hard. So if we are using thick foam seat with such a pleasant stay," kekeh Tono.

Selected upholstery materials from MBTech. Brands that are already famous as the seat upholstery material. "Fortunately, again, not too slippery and therefore can still secure aplication the motor," he continued.

But the Em-Plus feel still none the less fit in the matter of color selection. Outsmart it, should be able to choose a contrasting thread stitching. It must be so much more interesting.
Once, not so?


Front rim: Custom 5x14 inches
Front tire: 140/60-14 Swallow
Rear rim: Custom 6x14 inches
Rear tire: 125/80-14 Bridgestone
Handlebar: Custom
Sok back: YSS
Filter: Koso
Gas spontaneously: Domino
DM: 0856-1400-800

alt Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha,Ducati,Kawasaki,Harley Davidson and morealt Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha,Ducati,Kawasaki,Harley Davidson and morealt Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha,Ducati,Kawasaki,Harley Davidson and more

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